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The METdb website home page provides a dynamic interactive overview of the taxonomic composition of the resource (interactive charts), a geographic representation of the isolation sites (Sample Locations), as well as query services (simple and advanced searches) to access details about the current resource (Readset, Assembly/Annotation summary page and Annotation search page).

The METdb website offers the possibility for the user to explore the database and the annotations results files by using the search functions and select a subset of interest, based on any of the associated data be it taxonomy, function or geographic locations of a project. For a selected dataset, the user can access the summary reports for either the sequence reads, the assemblies or the annotations, with cross-references to sequence data in external databases (e.g. ENA, NCBI taxID, WoRMS) (external websites). The final pieces of information the user can have access to are assembled transcriptomes, annotation results and metadata associated with the organism isolation and library preparation. Thus, the main user’s entry points (geographic, taxonomic, functional) are covered.

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